Lesson Weekend

This workshop is designed to give you a chance to experience working with some of the basic tools used in everyday web development. It doesn't matter if you've coded before or if this is your first time building a project. By completing this workshop you'll get a feel for what goes into building a basic website. You might also get a sense of whether this is the kind of career you might be interested in pursuing.

The Workshop

Today, we'll building a simple HTML webpage using an online web-editing tool called Gitch. Once we've built the page, we'll add some styling with CSS. Finally, we'll make our site interactive by using JavaScript. You'll also have the opportunity to ask questions about Epicodus, SourceU, and pursuing careers in the tech world.

Today's Project

Goal for the day: Build an interactive website we can use to track our programming goals.


Let's get familiar with the tools we'll be using today.

Online text editor: Glitch

Web developers commonly use a text editor to write and edit their code. Think of this as being like a tool for creating a school project, except instead of writing a paper we are writing code that we can run in a web browser.

We are going to use an online text editor called Glitch. It is free to use. Best of all, we don't need to download any programs to use it. Go ahead and go to Glitch's homepage now. You do not need to have an account but it is easy to sign up for one if you like.

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