Lesson Weekend

Thank You!

We hope you've had fun building a web application with us.

If you'd like to continue learning, there are great resources all around the internet. We're proud of the work our staff has done on our expansive, free curriculum at learnhowtoprogram.com. We hope you try a few more exercises or work to expand your knowledge there.

If you've enjoyed your time in our classroom we invite to apply to either our part-time or full-time courses at Epicodus. We teach classes in Seattle and Portland, have industry leading career services for graduates, and are proud winners of multiple national bootcamp awards.

Visit our website at epicodus.com or chat with the staff members here at the workshop to learn more.

Not Done Yet?

If you've reached this message before the end of the workshop or if you'd like to get more practice with the concepts we've covered today at home, check out the next lesson for bonus projects and activities!

External Resources for Learning to Code

These games are fun to try if you're interested in learning the basics of coding.

  • Code Combat is a game that teaches the basics of JavaScript. If you'd like to start learning JavaScript from scratch in a hands on way, try it out.

  • Scratch is a free online program that allows you to put together blocks of code.

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