Lesson Monday

Let's take a look at how our Sinatra application and views will need to change to include our new Artist class along with its many-to-many functionality with the Album class.

New Routes

We will need the following routes:

HTTP RESTful routes for `Artist` CRUD

Note that these routes are exactly the same as the basic routes for the Album class. There is no need to do any nesting of routes between Album and Artist because this is not a dependent one-to-many relationship.

New Views

We'll also need the following new views:

List of Views for `Artist`

Note that we could also put any edit and delete forms on the artist.erb page, which means we wouldn't need to have an edit_artist.erb page.

It may also be useful to have a new root route with an index.erb that shows a list of all albums and artists.

The code to add this functionality to our record store application is pretty much identical to the routes and views we've added so far with albums so we won't cover it in detail. At this point, this kind of repetition may be feeling a bit CRUDdy. Fortunately, Rails will vastly simplify our code for routing in the next course section.

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Last updated August 7, 2022