Lesson Weekend

In this course section, we'll use a lightweight, minimalist Ruby framework called Sinatra to learn about server-side routing. We'll also cover some important new Ruby concepts such as class methods and variables.

We'll cover the following concepts:

  • Using GET and POST for server-side routing
  • Building static and dynamic pages using Sinatra
  • CRUD functionality with Sinatra
  • Adding RESTfully named routes and nested routes to Sinatra
  • HTTP methods
  • Integration testing
  • Class variables and methods

Note that this will be a challenging course section with a lot of content. It may take longer than one course section to fully understand routing. This is okay. Our goal over the next few weeks is to gradually prepare for the Rails framework, which will make routing much easier.

Independent Project Objectives

At the end of this section, you will complete an independent project. Your code will be reviewed for the following objectives:

  • Full CRUD functionality for two classes.
  • Routes are named using RESTful conventions.
  • Sinatra application uses views, instance variables and forms.
  • Sinatra routes process GET and POST requests/responses.
  • Project includes thorough and passing integration specs.
  • Project is in a polished, portfolio-quality state.
  • The prompt’s required functionality and baseline project requirements are in place by the deadline.

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Last updated July 28, 2022