Exercise Friday

Independent Projects Overview

Before you begin your project, make sure to take a moment to review the Independent Projects and Code Reviews lesson.

React with NoSQL Project Objectives

For this independent project, you will be continuing to work on your capstone. You will not be expected to add any objectives from this course section — however, you may choose to do so if you plan to implement a NoSQL database in your project.

Over the next several weeks, you are expected to put at least 40 hours of work into your capstone during the time we provide you to work on your project in class and in lieu of regular independent projects.

Here is a general breakdown of that schedule by course section:

  • React with Redux: there is no independent project prompt. Instead, you will spend this time working on your capstone.
  • React with NoSQL: there is no independent project prompt. Instead, you will spend this time working on your capstone.
  • React with APIs: there is no independent project prompt. Instead, you will spend this time working on your capstone.
  • Independent Capstone: this section is dedicated to working on your capstone.

This is the second session of your dedicated class time!

For many of you, you will be doing continued research, learning, and planning. You might not start to code regularly until the next capstone work session, and that's entirely normal. Remember to stay focused on your MVP.

Your instructor may have asked you to revise your capstone proposal and resubmit it to them. If you have not done that yet, make sure to do that first.

If you are focused on continued research and planning (as opposed to starting to code), we ask that you track your activities in your README in a section called Research & Planning Log, like in the example below. Every time you start or finish an activity, make a note of it in the log, and commit the README to your Git history. You don’t have to follow the exact structure below, and you do not have to log your breaks.

Once you start coding and committing regularly, you don’t have to keep this log of activities, though you are welcome to. One reason to keep adding to the Research and Planning Log is that it can be a helpful way to track your development progress, milestones, and helpful resources you've found along the way. In turn, this can help you formulate your pitch for your project and help you pick up where you left off after a break from working on the project.

### Research & Planning Log
#### Friday, 08/13
* 8:20: prioritize to-dos
* 8:40: research libraries for animations
* 9:30: try out react-spring library, review docs + examples
* 1:20: implement react-spring library in sample project

If you are focused on continued research, keep in mind that we expect you to log your activities throughout your work session: each time you change activities, we expect that you add an item to your Research & Planning Log and that you commit your README to track the addition. We will not accept a log completed in one commit at the end of your work session.

Your submission will be reviewed for the following objectives:

  • Project commit history demonstrates a full session of work.
    • For full-time students, we require 8 hours.
    • For part-time students, we require 4 hours.
  • Project includes capstone proposal.
  • README includes an overview of the project.


Submit your code for review to the React with NoSQL code review on Epicenter.

Visit Independent Projects and Code Reviews for details on how to submit, how feedback works and course completion requirements.