Exercise Monday

As discussed in the Journaling at Epicodus lesson, each weekend you'll receive a journaling assignment in addition to your coding homework. You'll then discuss your responses with a partner at the beginning of the next class session.

Journal Response Discussion

This section's Prompt

You were asked to write responses to the following in your journal over the weekend, as detailed in the Journal #17 prompt:

In your very first journal entry we asked you to identify why you were here, and what you hope to achieve at Epicodus. Turn back to that journal entry and review it now. Then assess your progress on these goals by responding to the following questions:

  • Did you make progress toward achieving these goals? Why or why not.

  • Do you still have work to do to achieve your goals? Record what you still need to do, and write at least 3 tangible steps you can take in the coming weeks to continue progressing.

  • Have your goals changed since your first week? If so, how?

Next, consider the next steps on your journey by reflecting upon the following questions:

  • You'll spend 5 weeks interning with an actual tech company before beginning your own job search. Identify at least 3 things you can do to make the most of this experience. How can you best enable yourself to learn a ton? To gain valuable contacts in the industry? To build a network that will assist in your job search?

  • Then, looking beyond the internship, what can you begin doing now to ensure success in your future job search? List anything applicable, whether small or large. (Do you need a new interview outfit? Should you study up on technologies your dream company uses? Should you further build your portfolio while working at your internship?) Make a gameplan to begin tackling these things now. Don't lose momentum.

Discussion Questions

Discuss what you recorded in your journal with your partner.

  • First, share the goals and reasons you had for enrolling in Epicodus in the first place.

  • Then discuss your progress on these goals, to the degree you're comfortable. Where are you now? How far have you come? Or have your goals changed entirely?

  • Then help each other plan next steps. How will you make the absolute most of your internship? Do you have an idea that may help your partner too? Is there anything you and other classmates could do together? How can you reap both technical coding experience and a network of industry contacts from this experience?

  • What about your job search after the internship? Again, share your plans and brainstorm how you can best prepare for your eventual search. How will you utilize the fantastic network of classmates in this search? How can you help one another?