1. Weekend React Fundamentals Objectives
  2. Weekend Introduction to React
  3. Weekend The Virtual DOM
  4. Weekend Using create-react-app
  5. Weekend React Components
  6. Weekend Introduction to JSX
  7. Weekend Planning a React Application
  8. Weekend Building a Static Site
  9. Weekend Props
  10. Weekend Prop Types
  11. Weekend Looping in JSX
  12. Weekend Using External Stylesheets with React
  13. Weekend Debugging with React Developer Tools
  14. Weekend Adding Images
  15. Weekend Independent Capstone Project Sign-Up and Proposal
  16. Weekend Journal #14
  17. Tuesday Prior Course Section Survey
  18. Tuesday Journal #14 Discussion
  19. Tuesday Help Queue, Social Media, Airbnb Clone
  20. Tuesday Introduction to State
  21. Tuesday Planning Our Application: Part 2
  22. Tuesday Adding Local State
  23. Tuesday Conditional Rendering
  24. Tuesday Updating State with Events
  25. Tuesday Binding Functions in React
  26. Tuesday UUID Library
  27. Tuesday Adding a Form
  28. Tuesday Unidirectional Data Flow
  29. Tuesday Passing Data Via Callbacks
  30. Tuesday Styling React: CSS Objects
  31. Wednesday Help Queue, Merch Site, Event Logger
  32. Wednesday Overview of Next Steps: Adding READ, UPDATE, and DELETE Functionality
  33. Wednesday Planning Our Application: Part 3
  34. Wednesday Using JSX Expressions with Arguments
  35. Wednesday Showing Ticket Detail
  36. Wednesday Deleting a Ticket
  37. Wednesday Reusing Components
  38. Wednesday Updating a Ticket
  39. Thursday Technical Interview Preparation: React Fundamentals
  40. Thursday Applying for Jobs
  41. Thursday Following Up During the Job Application Process
  42. Thursday Expand Your Job Search Network Through Cold Emailing
  43. Thursday Tools for Email Management
  44. Friday React Fundamentals Independent Project