Exercise Thursday

Today we will take time to create Indeed and Jr Dev Jobs profiles, which will help employers find you. We'll also sign up for ZipRecruiter, which will notify you about jobs that are a good fit. At the end of the day, you'll submit your Indeed and Jr Dev Jobs profiles as a code review.

Work with others on career services projects and application materials just like you would for pair-programming in coding! Ask each other to review material, provide feedback, and team up to practice interview questions.

Job Boards

Indeed Resume

While LinkedIn is the biggest online recruiting platform, Indeed is also a popular service among employers for finding candidates. Adding a resume to Indeed builds on work you will already have done when you created your LinkedIn profile. It also provides another avenue for employers to find you.

If you have not already created an Indeed account, that will be the first thing you need to do. Once you've created the account, Indeed will walk you through a new account wizard that will prompt you to add information to help employers find you! You can either do this manually or you can start by downloading a PDF copy of your LinkedIn profile and then uploading it as your resume on Indeed Resume.

Interface for creating an Indeed Resume

Once you've uploaded your resume, check the formatting and content of the resume generated by Indeed. This is what employers making use of the site will see. You will be prompted to add skills, which is similar to the skills section from your LinkedIn profile. Use this section to cover the technical skills you're learning at Epicodus. Don't forget to add your other relevant skills, too! Do a self audit of skills you've had to hone in previous jobs and add those as well. When you're done, you should have a pretty well rounded list. For more specific advice on this topic, you can refer to the skills section of the LinkedIn lesson here.

Once you've completed all the required portions of the resume, Indeed will take you to another screen called "Additional Information." Here, you will be prompted to fill out your preferred job title and type of work (contract, full-time, and so on), your desired salary, whether you're willing to relocate, and optional information about previous salary. This last part likely won't be relevant to complete since you're changing careers.

This will complete the resume set up process. Indeed will now show your profile to employers and allow you to quick-apply to positions using "Apply with your Indeed Resume" feature.

A note of caution: your Indeed Resume should make your job search simpler, easier, and quicker, but it isn't a replacement for the rest of the application process. When you use this feature, it will prompt you to answer any relevant questions the company has. It can be tempting to apply to lots and lots of jobs with this quick-apply feature without a cover letter. However, this is a bad idea. Remember, one good, high-quality application with a custom cover letter that speaks directly to your interest in the position and what the company does will always get you farther than dozens of haphazard, cookie-cutter applications.

Once you've finished your Indeed Resume, submit the link to your profile in Epicenter for the Indeed Resume code review.

Junior Dev Jobs

You'll receive an invitation to sign up for Junior Dev Jobs, Epicodus' internal job board that is exclusive to graduates from the program. This is where the Student Services team will post opportunities from any companies who reach out to us directly looking to hire our graduates. Unlike Glassdoor and Indeed, there won't usually be a large number of jobs posted on the Junior Dev Jobs board. However, the jobs that are posted are highly curated for our students, so you'll find positions that are suited to the skills you've learned at Epicodus. These are companies that tailor opportunities specifically for Epicodus graduates, so you’ll generally have a better chance of getting a job through the board. Companies also sign up to post jobs and view candidate profiles when looking to hire, so you'll want to create a fleshed-out page including:


Be sure to include the following:

  • Tagline: This should reflect what you're doing now, like "Junior Developer Specializing in JavaScript, React, Ruby/Rails."
  • Proven Skills: List your strongest technical skills.
  • About Me: This should include between 1 – 3 sentences which captures your previous experience, your work experience, skills, achievements, and career transition.
  • How I Learned to Program: This should detail your time at Epicodus and any other relevant coding education you may have outside of Epicodus.
  • What I Like About Programming: Use this to show employers what makes you tick! Are you a problem solver? JavaScript wizard? Love diving into the nuts and bolts of back-end technologies? Write about it here!
  • Education: Include Epicodus and any other education you have completed.
  • Experience: Include up to 3 of your most recent jobs or volunteer positions. Don't forget to include your internship!
  • Find Me: This section should include your relocation preferences and general location.
  • Follow Me: Use this to link to your portfolio, GitHub, LinkedIn, and/or personal website.


Here is where you'll showcase your live projects, portfolio, code samples, and website. Use this space to link to your best code samples that you've worked on while at Epicodus or in your own time.


Upload your resume as a PDF directly to this section. Make sure this resume meets all the criteria from previous lessons, is updated regularly with any new experience you gain, and is easy to read.

Again, once you've completed your Jr. Dev Job Board profile, submit the link to the Jr. Dev Job Board Profile code review in Epicenter.

Zip Recruiter

Finally, sign up for job alerts at http://epicodus.com/ziprecruiter to get jobs sent to your inbox tailored by location and type of job. ZipRecruiter is a great service that can connect you to folks looking to hire quickly for a wide variety of developer and related positions from companies big and small.

Interface for for Ziprecruiter