1. Weekend Functional Programming with JavaScript Objectives
  2. Weekend Introduction to Functional Programming
  3. Weekend Testing Functional Code
  4. Weekend Using Node in the Command Line
  5. Weekend Immutability
  6. Weekend Imperative Versus Declarative Programming
  7. Weekend Pure Functions
  8. Weekend First Class Citizens
  9. Weekend Closures
  10. Weekend Currying
  11. Weekend Map, Reduce and Filter
  12. Weekend Recursion
  13. Weekend Capstone Timeline, Deadlines, and Brainstorming Homework
  14. Weekend Capstone Planning: The Minimum Viable Product
  15. Weekend Whiteboard Independent Project Overview
  16. Weekend Whiteboard Evaluation Rubric
  17. Weekend A Guide to Whiteboarding
  18. Weekend Being a Good Interviewer
  19. Weekend Giving Constructive Feedback
  20. Monday Prior Course Section Survey
  21. Monday Coin Counter, Sieve
  22. Monday Whiteboard Practice: Closures
  23. Monday Whiteboard Practice: Recursion
  24. Monday The Problems of Classical Inheritance
  25. Monday Spread Operator
  26. Monday Composition
  27. Monday State
  28. Monday Storing State in Closures
  29. Monday Building a Functional Application (Part 1)
  30. Monday Building a Functional Application (Part 2)
  31. Monday Addressing Implicit Bias
  32. Tuesday Power Plant, Project Euler
  33. Tuesday Whiteboard Practice: Composition
  34. Tuesday Further Exploration: Creating Deep Clones
  35. Wednesday Build Your Own RPG, Haiku Checker (Two-day Project)
  36. Wednesday Whiteboard Practice: Project Euler
  37. Thursday Technical Interview Preparation: Functional Programming
  38. Thursday Epicodus Job Board
  39. Friday Functional Programming with JavaScript Independent Project