Exercise Weekend

Let's practice using variables in our websites. Try these!

  • Expand on our coffee shop ordering template. Add in some CSS styles for our HTML, and add a fourth location. Try changing the values of the variables to make the orders for milk/cream, then change them again to order a couple types of tea from a tea supplier for each location. Then let's say the northwest location has moved - try giving it a new address.
  • Expand on our "Greetings From Afar" letter. Include a couple sentences about each friend’s significant other and their pet to make it extra personal. Make two more variables to hold those names and use them in your letter.
  • Write a fan website for your favorite band or musician. Create variables for each band member's name, and for the style of music they play. Include a picture, and make a variable to hold the URL for the image. Now change the values of your variables so that the website is for a different band.
  • Create a website showing a specials menu for a restaurant. The specials will change every day, so make sure to use variables for the soup of the day, a special drink of the day, an entree, and a dessert. Then test your variables by changing them to different foods.