Exercise Friday

Independent Projects Overview

Welcome to your first PHP independent project! Before you begin, take a moment to revisit and review the Independent Projects and Code Reviews lesson.


Weekly independent project prompts are automatically published on Epicenter at 8:00am each Friday. Here's how you can access them:

  • Login to Epicenter.
  • Select your current course from the Course Listing section.
  • On your course page, select this week's code review from the Code Reviews section (JavaScript & jQuery for Intro students).
  • This will bring you to a code review detail page.
    • The project prompt will automatically be published to this page on Friday at 8:00am.
    • Before 8:00am Friday, only the objectives will be visible. (Same objectives detailed below).
  • Submit the GitHub repository containing your project in the Submission section of the code review detail page in Epicenter before 5:00pm Friday.


Your teachers will evaluate your project based on the following criteria:

  • Does your class contain a constructor, private properties, getters, setters, a save method, a getAll() method, and a deleteAll() method?
  • Were Twig template files used for all pages?
  • Are objects saved correctly?
  • Is your logic easy to understand?
  • Are previous standards met? (Including descriptive variable names, proper indentation and spacing, a README with a description, setup instructions, author name, and copyright info, and regular Git commits that finish the phrase "This commit will...").
  • Does the project demonstrate an understanding of this week's concepts? If prompted, can you discuss your code with an instructor using correct terminology?
  • Is your project polished, portfolio-ready state? (You will not be judged on elaborate styling, but your page should not display PHP error notices or incorrect HTML tags, and should have at minimum a very basic layout.)
  • Was all required functionality in place by the Friday deadline?


Submit your code for review to the Object-Oriented PHP code review on Epicenter.

Visit Independent Projects and Code Reviews for details on how to submit, how feedback works and course completion requirements