Exercise Weekend

Using the previous few lessons as a resource, convert the Address Book Project to be viewable at localhost:8000

Here are the basic steps:

  • Stop your server by typing ctrl-c (on both Mac and PC) into the terminal at the previous project's document root.
  • Clone the project and navigate to the document root in address-book.
  • Change the name of 'address-book.html' to 'address-book.php'.
  • Restart your server in the terminal with the command, $ php -S localhost:8000.
  • In Chrome, browse to the url http://localhost:8000/address-book.php.
  • Change the name of 'address-book.php' to 'index.php'.
  • In Chrome, browse to the url http://localhost:8000/.
  • You can continue this excursive by adding further files and web resources. Maybe you'd like to link to a picture or two. Add a background image. Maybe you'd like to add a custom font. You should be able to do all of these things using our new server setup!