Lesson Weekend

Now that we have a whole set of tools at our disposal (silex, twig, php, mysql, and a server) we have almost everything we need to create much more complicated programs with multiple related classes. This week we'll introduce the last of the three types of MySQL database relationships, many-to-many. Also, we're going to make CRUD more interesting by increasing your ability to Query the information using JOIN statements. These are powerful queries that access information through relationships between tables, rather than just single properties. Building a great program this week means planning and executing a robust set of CRUD methods. Specs and testing will continue to be our best tool to accomplish this increasingly complex task!

Independent Project Objectives

Your independent project this week will be evaluated on the following criteria:

  • Have you set up all CRUD functionality for all classes in Silex.
  • Can you query each class by its connection to another class?
  • Is the many-to-many relationship set up correctly in the database?
  • Did you use join statements?
  • Are RESTful routes used in Silex?
  • Does the code and Git documentation follow best practices?
  • Have all of the standards from previous weeks been met?
  • If prompted, are you able to discuss the flow of your code and concepts behind it with an instructor using the correct terminology?
  • Is the project in a polished, portfolio-quality state?
  • Does the application work as expected?