Exercise Monday

Goals: Practice using SQL statements to query the database, delete records from the database and insert into the database.


To Do

Follow along with the lesson to build a To Do list with SQL.


Many of us collect things like stamps, ticket stubs, My Little Ponies, etc. Make a website where you inventory your collection of things. At the end of the project, you should:

  • Be connecting to both a development database and a test database.
  • Have passing tests for the functionality of your website (save, getAll, delete, find, etc).
  • Be able to add more to your collection through a form.
  • Be able to display all items in your collection by querying the database.
  • Be able to delete all of the items in your collection.

If you get this far, great job!

  • If you have extra time, adapt your find method so that you can use the name of the item as an argument instead of the ID and provide a search feature on your website.