Lesson Weekend

This lesson is under construction, but made public as a resource for student's in the React course.

Ports, Posts, and Gets

Along with

Now that we've gone through the process of connecting our PHP projects to persistent data, you may find it helpful to understand a bit more about .

In a previous lesson, Configuring and Using MAMP with PHP, we introduce a bunch of new vocabulary. Broadly, the changes we're making in our code are preparing us, little-by-little, to be able to write programs that handle POSTS and GETS (these that travel from the user, are handled by our project, sent over the internet to an entirely different server, and recieving a response

Take a look at the first 27 minutes of this video. It does an amazing job of explaining



When we run a server at localhost we see how our project would work if it were ACTUALLY hosted by a service like Heroku, or if we'd actually deployed the project by getting it hosted on another company's servers. But we know