Exercise Weekend

Time for you to practice some arrays and foreach loops!

  • Create an array of your friends' names and print to the browser that each of them is your friend (for example, <h1>Moriah is my friend.</h1>).
  • Create an array of the names of your favorite writers. Then use a foreach loop to print them to the browser with their letters reversed.
  • Create an array of numbers and multiply them together. Remember not to use quotes around the numbers so you can do arithmetic with them! Hint: Instead of creating a blank string, like we did for $list, you can create a variable called $solution and start by setting it equal to 1. Since anything multiplied by 1 is itself, you can then safely say something like: $solution = $solution * $next_number;
  • Create a cash register website with a form where your user enters up to 5 numbers representing the prices of 5 items purchased from their store. Then display the sum of all the numbers entered into the form. Hint: Watch out for undefined variables. What happens if your user only inputs 2 numbers and leaves the rest of the form fields blank? Be sure to set default values for your variables.