This week we will focus on integrating data persistence into our Java/Spark backend projects. To accomplish this, we’ll create a fresh project together over the course of the week, just like the Blog project we tackled together last week. This week, we'll be working on a basic To Do List application that will allow you to create a Task, add it to a Category, and also allow you to edit and delete both Tasks and Categories - all with a BDD workflow and data persistence.

This project can easily be reworked into an issue or bug tracker, and contains everything you need to know to make your Blog project persistent and more performant!

To avoid spending too much time setting up boilerplate code and configurations, we are providing a basic starter project: It already contains all functionality we practiced last week in our Blog. We will extend this new project together this week, including introducing Object in Object relationships, exception handling, data persistence, and much more.

Working with Starter Code

Here's the starter code we'll be using this week:

To Do List Starter Code

  • Begin by forking the following project to your own Github account, then clone it down locally.

  • Take a peek, run in intelliJ, run tests, and ensure everything is in working order before making any changes.

  • Begin with the first commit on the master branch - this should be what you see if you fork and then clone.