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Unlike your previous courses here at Epicodus, you will work independently on a capstone project of your choosing during week 5, instead of a group project. This project should act as a cumulative demonstration of the skills you’ve gained throughout your time at Epicodus. Capstone projects will be presented to employers at the Demo Day event.

You’re encouraged to begin brainstorming potential project ideas now.


Keep the following deadlines in mind. You’ll receive more information about each as they near:

  • Sign-Up and Proposal: You will sign up with a descriptive, one-sentence summary of your project on the designated whiteboard no later than Monday of week 4 by EOD.

  • Proposal: You are required to email your teacher a project proposal outlining your MVP (minimum viable product) no later than Wednesday of week 4 by EOD. More information, including the proposal form may be found here.

  • Trade Show: Similar to the group projects you’ve completed in other courses, you are required to demo your application to your Epicodus classmates on Thursday of week 5 (More information may be found here). This will also act as a practice run for the pitch you’ll give employers on Demo Day.

  • Demo Day: Several weeks into your internship (our career services team will provide the exact dates for your cohort via email) you will be required to present an application you created independently to employers at Epicodus’ Demo Day. This may be any project you’ve completed 100% independently. Most students opt to present this capstone project. More information on Demo Day may be found here.

Brainstorming Homework

Your homework is to begin brainstorming potential project ideas now, so you’ll be prepared for these deadlines.

Try to craft a project idea that’s both complex enough to demonstrate the multi-faceted skillset you’ve acquired, yet still reasonable enough to complete in time for Demo Day.

Past Student Work

Here are a few examples of projects past students have built independently, and presented at Demo Day in past cohorts:

  • Applications to rank, track, score, and record results of various sports and game matches (everything from video games, to bowling, foosball, table games, kickball, and intramural sports). Including creating player leaderboards, and social areas to connect players.
  • Fully-functioning websites for the businesses of friends and family (including catering companies, dog breeders, local stores, and other companies)
  • Applications to manage tasks, including timers to use the Pomodoro method manage the developing video games
  • Social organizers to create and share events with friends.
  • Applications that assist in user’s health; including creating unique workout plans, timing workouts, connecting individuals to exercise together, creating or recommend diet plans, tracking calories, etc.
  • Apps that contain sound, video, step tracking, using the microphone, gyroscope, camera, or other system function.
  • Tools to catalog items; including the contents of your fridge, in-home bar, or other hobby-specific inventories.
  • Trivia games to test your knowledge in different specialized areas.
  • Applications and websites to track and rate local favorites: Including restaurants, coffee shops, gyms, bars, and more.
  • Tools to connect people with benefactors and crowdsourced funding in their area, to fund art installations, charitable causes, community programs, and more.
  • Websites and applications that compile resources into a single, easy-to-navigate spot. Including resources for the homeless, emergency preparation, etc.
  • E-commerce sites for real-life businesses, compete with functionality to make and process orders, and accept payment.

You may sign up and submit your proposal to your instructor for feedback as soon as you’ve finalized a project idea. Feel free to start early.


  • Q: Do I need to use an API, data persistence, AJAX, or some other feature that was required for the project I have been building for the first 4 weeks of class?
    • A: No. You can choose to, but it is not required.
  • Q: Can I keep working on the app I have been working on for the first 4 weeks?
    • A: Generally not. The idea is to conceive of, plan and then create something completely independently without a blueprint app. If you have a compelling reason why you need to keep working on your app, check with your teacher. Do not just keep working without being given permission first.
  • Q: Does it have to be an app using what I've learned from my Level 3 class?
    • A: Yes. It has to be an application that utilizes knowledge from your Level 3 class, whether that is Rails, .NET, or another technology. The choice is yours as to which skills you'd like to present. Keep in mind that you will be identified as a student of your specific track at Demo Day (whether that's Java/Android, Ruby/Rails or another track). If you have any doubt about whether your project properly utilizes your chosen technology, check in with your teacher.
  • Q: When are the deadlines again?
    • A: Your fully fleshed out proposal is due in your instructor's inbox no later than Wednesday of Week 4 by end of day. Your whiteboard one-liner (for your class to see, a short description that does not need to be final) is due on a whiteboard by Monday of Week 4 by EOD.
  • Q: I will be out of town for trade show day. Is that a problem?
    • A: Check with your teacher to find an alternative time (sooner) to demo your app to your instructor to receive feedback.
  • Q: Can I partner with someone else to create my app?
    • A: Generally no. It is acceptable to have someone with killer styling skills make a mockup of a layout in a graphics program like photoshop or sketch, if you code the layout, but otherwise, the app should be 100% yours.
  • Q: Can I show something that is totally different to the app I proposed on trade show day without telling my teacher and have that be fine?
    • A: No.
  • Q: Do I have to show my week 5 app at Demo Day or can I demo something different?
    • A: Your capstone is encouraged, but you may demo something different as long as it is 100% your own work. Regardless of what you choose to demo, it should reflect your best work.
  • Q: How do I look?
    • A: You look nice today. :)

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