Lesson Weekend

By now, you should all be somewhat familiar with what a gulpfile does, how it is structured internally, and how it can make our lives easier. That said, gulpfiles can get very long and complex. Have another read through this annotated gulpfile if you feel like you have any lingering questions before Friday. Note that we have not yet added some of the tasks in the code pictured below. You do not need to add these tasks until we walk through creating them in upcoming lessons.

Task runners such as Gulp and Grunt (very similar) are used frequently, especially in web and frontend development, as these kinds of projects tend to rely on completing a stack of various tasks which, in turn, rely on different dependencies. Get used to harnessing their power as you learn to become a quick and efficient developer. Task runners can be configured very flexibly - check out the Gulp.js plugin registry if you are interested in seeing what kinds of tasks you can easily automate.