Exercise Friday


Independent project prompts are now delivered exclusively through Epicenter, and will no longer be available on LearnHowToProgram. Here's how you'll access them moving forward:

  • Login to Epicenter.
  • Select your current course from the Course Listing section.
  • On your course page, select this week's code review from the Code Reviews section (JavaScript & jQuery for Intro students).
  • This will bring you to a code review detail page.
    • The project prompt will automatically be published to this page on Friday at 8:00am.
    • Before 8:00am Friday, only the objectives will be visible. (Same objectives detailed below).
  • Submit the GitHub repository containing your project in the Submission section of the code review detail page in Epicenter before 5:00pm Friday.


This is a two-week code review. This Friday, you'll focus on planning and building out the basics of your application, including separating your application into components. You aren't expected to have a finished or even working project by the end of the day. However, you should have great documentation that clearly shows how you spent your day. Next week, you'll add a database and deploy your application to Firebase. You may add additional features as time allows.

Your code will be reviewed for the following objectives this week:

  • Project includes a detailed README with information on all completed features as well as features to be added.
  • Project includes a detailed commit history that clearly shows at least eight hours of work between 8 and 5 on Friday. You are also welcome to put additional work into your project outside of that time frame.
  • Project demonstrates understanding of this week's concepts. If prompted, you are able to discuss your code with an instructor using correct terminology.


Submit your code for review to the Angular code review on Epicenter by 5:00pm on Friday.

Visit Independent Projects and Code Reviews for details on how to submit, how feedback works and course completion requirements.