Lesson Weekend

Before the first week of class, take time to ensure all necessary tools and frameworks are correctly installed on your personal machine, including those we will use later in the course. (You may have already done this while following along with the pre-work). The Java course will require the following tools and technologies.

Required Technologies

You are expected to install any tools you do not already have before the course begins. These are the primary tools we'll use in the Java course:

The Java Standard Edition Development Kit (SDK) & The Java Runtime Environment (JRE)

IntelliJ IDEA

  • This lesson contains basic setup instructions for IntelliJ IDEA, the IDE we'll use to write our Java code throughout this course.


  • This lesson contains both OSX and Windows installation instructions. You are not required to install Postgres on your personal machine, but if you find yourself wanting to practice SQL commands, you may wish to.

Installation Assistance

If you encounter any issues installing any of these tools, there will be an opportunity to receive setup assistance from Epicodus staff the first Tuesday of the course at 10:30am. Even though we are not immediately using all of these tools in our course, it's important to set these tools up now, so you may take advantage of setup assistance if errors occur.

Note: This time is subject to change. If it does, your instructors will address this at your morning stand-up.