Exercise Friday


Project prompts will be available on Epicenter at 8:00am Friday.


Your project will be reviewed for the following objectives:

  • App builds and compiles without errors or missing dependencies.
  • There is a one-to-many relationship, with full CRUD functionality on both classes.
  • Both classes are fully tested and all tests pass.
  • DAO pattern was implemented.
  • Spark routes follow RESTful conventions for both old and new classes. Routing was updated to reflect the new class.
  • Application works as expected: Object properties are displayed correctly on .hbs templates. No 404 or 500 server errors.
  • Project demonstrates understanding of this week's concepts. If prompted, you can discuss your code with an instructor using correct terminology.
  • Project is in a polished, portfolio-quality state. Code and application present well.
  • Previous independent project objectives are met (see below).

Extra Credit: Change the UI completely, experiment with different handlebars template configurations, add additional functionality if you have time.

Previous Objectives

For reference, here are the previous weeks' objectives:

  • Tests have complete coverage for all behaviors.
  • All tests are formatted correctly and pass. (Always make sure to run your tests one last time before submitting!)
  • Class is encapsulated and getter methods are used to access properties.
  • Spark routes process GET and POST requests/responses successfully and accurately.
  • Object getters are named correctly.
  • Build files are ignored with a .gitignore file.
  • Code and Git documentation follows best practices (descriptive variables names, proper indentation and spacing, separation between front and back-end logic, detailed commit messages in the correct tense, and a well-formatted README).


Submit your code for review to the Database Basics code review on Epicenter.

Visit Independent Projects and Code Reviews for details on how to submit your code, how feedback works and course completion requirements.