Exercise Wednesday

Please focus first and foremost on making sure you're comfortable with building out both one-to-many and many-to-many relationships both with regular templates and as an API. Once you're feeling really comfortable with all of that, go ahead and review the remaining lessons for this week and implement any of these concepts that you are able to implement in an existing project.

Goal: Focus on familiarizing yourself with the concepts of Interfaces and Inheritance, by working through parts one and two of these lessons. Then, you'll add inheritance, and if possible, interfaces to a recent project.

Warm Up

  • How does a one-to-many relationship differ from a many-to-many relationship?
  • What does a join statement do? Why might we use one?
  • How does our database differ when we implement a many-to-many relationship?
  • Come up with several examples of a many-to-many relationship with your partner.


Interfaces and Inheritance

Begin by working through the following lessons:

Adding Interfaces and Inheritance

Once you feel comfortable with the concepts introduced in these lessons, review the projects you have worked on recently, and discuss with your pair where you could practice inheritance in a beneficial way.

Examples could include: Gear or Equipment for a specific sport or activity type, group travel as opposed to solo travel, Motorbike and Car as child classes of Vehicle, and so on.

Peer Code Review

  • Does at least one class inherit from another class?
  • Have all of the standards from previous weeks been met?
  • Does the application work as expected?
  • Is the project in a polished, portfolio-quality state?