Lesson Weekend

So far, we've introduced a wide variety of topics: Basic syntax, compiling and running Java apps, testing, routing, templates, databases, and nested objects. This week we will take backend development one step further!

For the rest of Java, we'll focus on Spark's other strength—-being a backend engine to create apps and servers. We'll use our Spark and CRUD skills to build our own API backend! You could then write a client app in React to connect to your backend.

As part of this week we will learn more about data types such as JSON and converting to JSON, filters in Spark, but also Exception handling in Java, which makes our apps more responsive and reliable, and dealing with many-to-many relationships.

We will also deepen our understanding of routing, and learn more about more advanced Java concepts like Constructor Overloading, Inheritance, and more. It's going to a packed (but exciting!) week.

Independent Project Objectives

This week's independent project will be reviewed on the following criteria:

  • Is an accurate sql file included that creates the correct database structure?
  • Does at least one class inherit from another class?
  • Does our App fail gracefully with custom exceptions?
  • Is at least one filter used to improve our routing in our App.java?
  • Is our data getting parsed from JSON/JAVA correctly?
  • Can we test our routes in Postman correctly?
  • Have all of the standards from previous weeks been met?
  • If prompted, are you able to discuss the flow of your code and concepts behind it with an instructor using the correct terminology?
  • Is the project in a polished, portfolio-quality state?
  • Does the application work as expected?
  • Was required functionality in place by the 5:00pm Friday deadline?