Exercise Thursday

Goal: Practice creating a complete, functioning project that includes both user interface and business logic written in JavaScript, branching, HTML forms, Bootstrap, custom CSS, and a complete Git commit history by completing the exercises described below.

Warm Up

  • What is the ! operator in JavaScript? What does it mean? How would we use it?
  • What does && mean? How would we use it?
  • What is the difference between = and ===? How would we use either?


Meet the goal by completing both practice prompts below.

Calculator with Branching

Follow along with the Calculator with Branching lesson to implement branching into our ongoing calculator application.

Which Character are You?

There are many sites out there that offer to determine which movie/tv/book character you are most like based on your answers to a short quiz. Choose a movie, tv show or book and build a website that asks users a series of questions and then tells them which movie character they are based on their answers.

Make frequent commits and style your pages with Bootstrap and CSS.

Peer Code Review

  • Does the site correctly use branching to return a result?
  • Is jQuery successfully gathering the users' answers to each question?
  • Are variable names descriptive of what they represent?
  • Is the user interface and business logic separated? Is the code generally well-organized and easy to follow?
  • Is the page styled using Bootstrap and custom CSS?
  • Does the code have proper indentation and spacing throughout?

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Last updated May 23, 2022