Exercise Monday

As discussed in the Journaling at Epicodus lesson, each weekend you'll receive a journaling assignment in addition to your coding homework. You'll then discuss your responses with a partner at the beginning of the next class session.

Journal Response Discussion

This Section's Prompt

As you'll recall, you were asked to write responses to the following in your journal over the weekend, as detailed in the Journal #2 prompt:

  • Think about asking for help in the classroom. Are there times when it's easier or harder for you to ask for assistance from a peer? What about a teacher?

  • What factors make it harder to ask for help? Why do these stand in your way?

  • What can you do to minimize or eliminate these factors? In what ways could you practice sharing your problem solving process throughout the week?

Discussion Questions

Before beginning today's programming work, spend a few minutes discussing what you recorded in your journal with your partner, using the following questions as a guide:

  • How do you each feel about asking for help in the classroom?

  • What factors did you identify that make it more difficult to help. Did you record any of the same things? Different things? Discuss why each can or does hinder seeking help.

  • This insight in mind, what can you do today to ensure the most productive learning experience possible? What can you do to both help each other, and efficiently problem solve with an instructor or another pair as necessary?