1. Weekend JavaScript and Web Browsers Objectives
  2. Weekend Welcome to JavaScript and Web Browsers
  3. Weekend Documentation and Resources
  4. Weekend Using DevTools Console for Practice and Pair Programming
  5. Weekend JavaScript Data Types
  6. Weekend Arithmetic
  7. Weekend Practice: Arithmetic
  8. Weekend JavaScript Variables
  9. Weekend Strings
  10. Weekend Practice: Variables and Strings
  11. Weekend Methods
  12. Weekend Functions
  13. Weekend String and Number Methods
  14. Weekend Practice: String and Number Methods
  15. Weekend Using MDN Documentation
  16. Weekend Practice: Using MDN Documentation
  17. Weekend Assignment, Comparison, and Equality Operators
  18. Weekend Practice: Assignment, Comparison, and Equality Operators
  19. Weekend Data Types: Detection, Conversion, and Review
  20. Weekend Another Look at JavaScript Objects
  21. Weekend Review of JavaScript Conventions
  22. Weekend Journal #2
  23. Tuesday Journal #2 Discussion
  24. Tuesday Practice: Review of JavaScript Basics
  25. Tuesday Functions
  26. Tuesday Practice: Functions
  27. Tuesday Parsing Integers
  28. Tuesday Writing Functions
  29. Tuesday JSFiddle
  30. Tuesday Practice: Writing Functions
  31. Tuesday Business and User Interface Logic
  32. Tuesday Calculator Business Logic
  33. Tuesday Practice: Calculator Business Logic
  34. Tuesday Introduction to jQuery
  35. Tuesday Practice: More Function Writing
  36. Tuesday Homework: Identifying and Preventing Microaggressions
  37. Wednesday Simple Effects
  38. Wednesday Practice: jQuery Effects
  39. Wednesday jQuery: Add and Remove Classes
  40. Wednesday Practice: Add and Remove Classes
  41. Wednesday Practice: More jQuery Basics
  42. Wednesday DOM Manipulation and Traversal
  43. Wednesday Practice: DOM Manipulation and Traversal
  44. Wednesday Variable Scope
  45. Wednesday Forms
  46. Wednesday Practice: Forms
  47. Wednesday Debugging in JavaScript: Reading Console Errors
  48. Wednesday Debugging in JavaScript: Pausing on Exceptions
  49. Wednesday Debugging in JavaScript: Using console.log()
  50. Wednesday Debugging in JavaScript: Using debugger and Breakpoints
  51. Thursday Calculator User Interface
  52. Thursday Practice: Calculator User Interface
  53. Thursday Form Input Types
  54. Thursday Practice: Form Input Types
  55. Thursday Branching
  56. Thursday Practice: Branching
  57. Thursday More Branching
  58. Thursday Practice: More Branching
  59. Thursday Function Scope Versus Block Scope
  60. Thursday Calculator with Branching
  61. Thursday Practice: Triangle Tracker
  62. Thursday Further Exploration: Git: Rewriting History with Rebase
  63. Thursday Further Exploration: JavaScript Equivalents to jQuery
  64. Thursday Optional Practice: Calculator and More
  65. Friday JavaScript and jQuery Independent Project