Lesson Weekend

Goal: In the string methods lesson, we learned:

  • Methods can be called on strings
  • Methods can be chained
  • You can use the + operator on strings in place of the concat() method

Now that we've covered both methods and strings independently, practice common methods meant specifically for strings by completing the exercises listed below.

Warm Up

  • What does 'chaining' a method mean? What does that look like?
  • Name two string methods.
  • Name two ways to combine multiple strings together.


String Methods Practice

Practice calling methods on strings:

  • Set a variable equal to a string
  • Call a method on that variable.
  • Set another variable with a string in all uppercase.
  • Use the concat method with your two variables.
  • Now concatenate them with the shortcut.
  • Use the toUpperCase method on your first variable.
  • Now use the toLowerCase method on your second variable.
  • Find the character at the 3rd position of either of your variables.
  • Check out the MDN's documentation of string methods and try out at least five new methods for yourself. If some of them don't make sense, don't worry about it - just try the ones that do. (Stick to the section labelled Methods unrelated to HTML. Click on the method itself to see how to use it in your code.)

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Last updated January 3, 2022