1. Weekend JavaScript and Jquery Objectives
  2. Weekend Welcome to JavaScript and JQuery
  3. Weekend Documentation and Resources
  4. Weekend JavaScript Primitives
  5. Weekend Arithmetic
  6. Weekend Practice: Arithmetic
  7. Weekend JavaScript Variables
  8. Weekend Practice: Variables
  9. Weekend Strings
  10. Weekend Practice: Strings
  11. Weekend Functions and Methods
  12. Weekend Practice: Methods
  13. Weekend String Methods
  14. Weekend Practice: String Methods
  15. Weekend Assignment and Comparison Operators
  16. Weekend Practice: Assignment and Comparison Operators
  17. Weekend Data Types
  18. Weekend Practice: Data Types
  19. Weekend Journal #2
  20. Monday Journal #2 Discussion
  21. Monday Functions
  22. Monday Practice: Functions
  23. Monday Parsing Integers
  24. Monday Writing Functions
  25. Monday JSFiddle
  26. Monday Practice: Writing Functions
  27. Monday Business and User Interface Logic
  28. Monday Calculator Business Logic
  29. Monday Practice: Calculator Business Logic
  30. Monday Introduction to jQuery
  31. Monday Practice: Bonus Function Writing
  32. Monday Homework: Equality versus Equity
  33. Tuesday Simple Effects
  34. Tuesday Practice: jQuery Effects
  35. Tuesday jQuery: Add and Remove Classes
  36. Tuesday Practice: Add and Remove Classes
  37. Tuesday Practice: More jQuery Basics
  38. Tuesday DOM Manipulation and Traversal
  39. Tuesday Practice: DOM Manipulation and Traversal
  40. Tuesday Variable Scope
  41. Tuesday Forms
  42. Wednesday Practice: Forms
  43. Wednesday Debugging in JavaScript: Reading Console Errors
  44. Wednesday Debugging in JavaScript: Pausing on Exceptions
  45. Wednesday Debugging in JavaScript: Using console.log()
  46. Wednesday Debugging in JavaScript: Using debugger and Breakpoints
  47. Wednesday Calculator User Interface
  48. Wednesday Practice: Calculator User Interface
  49. Wednesday Form Input Types
  50. Wednesday Practice: Form Input Types
  51. Wednesday Branching
  52. Thursday Practice: Branching
  53. Thursday More Branching
  54. Thursday Practice: More Branching
  55. Thursday Function Scope Versus Block Scope
  56. Thursday Git: Rewriting History with Rebase
  57. Thursday Practice: Triangle Tracker
  58. Thursday Calculator with Branching
  59. Thursday JavaScript Equivalents to jQuery
  60. Thursday Practice: Calculator and More
  61. Friday JavaScript and jQuery Independent Project