Lesson Monday

Now that you've had a chance to practice VS Code Live Share, we're ready to start coding. Over the next four lessons, you are going to be practicing Git workflow. It may be a bit confusing at first but you will be using Git every day while you are a student at Epicodus - so the things we cover today will become very familiar soon.

However, Git is so important that we want everyone to have hands on keyboards for the next several lessons. So that means we aren't going to use VS Code Live Share quite yet. While a VS Code Live Share host can share write access to their terminal so both pairs can practice, we don't recommend it. When you give someone else write access to your terminal, you are giving them the keys to the kingdom. It's a big security risk!

Because we want everyone to practice using Git in their terminals, we'll use Discord screen sharing capabilities to work together as pairs for the next four lessons.

Fortunately, you've already gotten some practice with using Discord's voice and video channels in for your dev team standup. For the next four lessons, you'll do the following:

  • Continue to use a voice channel in Discord with your pair to communicate as you walk through each lesson together.

  • Use a Discord screen share so you and your pair can see each other's desktops as you work. Important: Make sure your desktop looks professional and doesn't reveal any sensitive information. Your pair will be able to see anything on your desktop!

You can share your screen by following the same steps as in dev team standup. The difference is you can toggle between a video call and a screen share. From the menu below, you just need to click the second icon from the left:

From left to right, the menu has icons for starting video, sharing your screen, muting/unmuting, and ending the call.

You'll want to be able to screen share so you can help each other troubleshoot any issues that you might come up with. A big part of pair programming is the idea that two brains are better than one - and having two sets of eyes on the same code also makes it easier to find any mistakes.

Do not continue onto the next lesson until you and your pair have successfully finished all the steps in the current lesson. Don't be afraid to take your time. The classwork schedule in this course section and the independent project have both been designed to accommodate new students, including students that are coding for the first time.

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Last updated October 14, 2021