Lesson Tuesday

Welcome to your second day of Epicodus! Hopefully your first day went well - but it's also completely normal if you had to deal with frustrations such as connectivity issues, figuring out how to work with a pair, finding your dev team, and coding issues that may have come up throughout the day. Fortunately, we'll be building on yesterday's concepts further today.

Here is today's schedule and expectations.


Once again, keep in mind that times are approximate. For example, the all-hands standup with your instructor may start late or vary in length.

8:00: Join Dev Team

At the start of class, you'll join your dev team. You'll have the same dev team for the entire course section. If you are having any issues with members of your dev team, please reach out to an instructor.

8:05-8:15: Dev Team Standup Connectivity Debugging Session

If you are an online student, we'll start with a connectivity debugging session. Is everyone able to access the video standup in Discord? If not, take a few minutes to make sure everyone is taking part. If this was a rough process yesterday, hopefully it will be smoother today. However, if you have recurring issues, we recommend reaching out to an instructor.

8:15-8:30: Dev Team Standup

Today there won't be any icebreakers. Instead, you'll have a brief group check-in to talk about anything that came up on Monday - such as things you've learned or things that you find exciting or frustrating. This is also a great time to ask each other questions about any content that you might find confusing. As covered in the lesson about working with a dev team, in about 15 minutes, each student in the dev team should answer these 3 questions:

  • What did you work on in the last class session or over the weekend?
  • What are you working on today?
  • What blocks do you have? What is standing in your way?

8:30-9:00: All-Hands Standup

All-hands standup is a time for your teachers to make announcements, cover certain topics from the curriculum, and for you to ask questions. These standups can vary in length from taking five minutes to the whole half hour, depending on what needs to be discussed. Instructor-led standups are in a Google Meet or in person. If you are having any problems accessing standups, reach out to an instructor.

9:00-12:00: Morning Pair Programming

12:00-1:00: Lunch

1:00-4:30: Pair Programming

4:30-5:00: Career Services Talk

Career service staff will talk with students about expectations related to Epicodus' career services.

Second Day Expectations

Today we'll continue building on yesterday's concepts and learn some new ones as well.

  • CSS Styling
  • Debugging HTML and CSS
  • Git branching and merging
  • Markdown
  • Deploying to GitHub Pages

For the independent project, you will be required to add a CSS stylesheet, use Markdown in your README, and deploy your site to GitHub pages.

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Last updated October 18, 2021