Lesson Thursday

Welcome to your fourth day of Epicodus! Congrats! You're almost done with your first course section. Hopefully the daily routine is starting to feel familiar - but even if it's not, don't worry. We'll be following a similar routine for the rest of our time at Epicodus.

Here is today's schedule and expectations.


8:15-8:30: Dev Team Standup

8:30-9:00: All-hands standup

9:00-12:00: Pair Programming

12:00-1:00: Lunch

1:00-4:00: Pair or Solo Programming

Usually on Thursdays, you will be expected to pair all day. However, today you will be given the opportunity to pair or work on your own for the afternoon. We offer this solo option so you can practice anything you need to work on before your first independent project if needed. That could be anything from Git workflow to using Markdown, HTML, or CSS. None of the Bootstrap content we are covering today is required for the independent project. If pairing is going well and you feel ready to go for the independent project, feel free to keep pairing! If you need a break from pairing at the end of a busy first week or you want to work on some concepts on your own, solo is fine, too. Just make sure that you and your pair are on the same page regarding your afternoon plans.

Online students are still expected to be in a voice channel with your pair, available to chat or respond to direct messages, and even Discord screen share if you need help debugging. This is so you can still support each other as needed. You just won't be expected to use VS Code Live Share or alternate driving.

4:00-4:30: All-Hands Standup to discuss the upcoming Independent Projects

At 4 pm you will join your instructor and classmates on the Google Meet link for an All-Hands Standup to discuss your first independent coding project that you will complete on Friday. Bring any questions that you may have. Later on in the course when you become familiar with the structure and expectations of coursework, you will not have these standups.

4:30-5:00: Dev Team Retrospective

Fourth Day Expectations

Your first independent project is tomorrow so you'll want to make sure that you have the basic concepts covered. The first lesson of every course section always includes the objectives. Here's this section's objectives: Git, HTML, and CSS Objectives. Also, the final lesson of each course section always includes the objectives as well as more information about the upcoming code review: Git, HTML, and CSS Independent Project.

There are also two lessons that cover Preparing for Your First Code Review, including helpful strategies. As well as a lesson covering Git Expectations for Independent Projects.

Independent projects can be stressful, especially if you're struggling with concepts or have testing-related anxiety. Remember that you'll always have an opportunity to get instructor feedback and resubmit. If you need to review the general process, see Independent Projects and Code Reviews.

Today we'll cover the following concepts:

  • The "cascading" in CSS
  • Classes Versus IDs
  • The basics of Bootstrap, a front-end framework for styling sites

Much of today's content is focused on Bootstrap, a front-end framework that can help us quickly and easily make our websites look nicer. You are not required to implement Bootstrap for this independent project. That being said, you'll generally want your sites to look nice and professional. Bootstrap can help with this. You'll get many more opportunities to work with Bootstrap in future weeks as well - today is just an opportunity to get started.

We also recommend taking the time to practice any concepts that you may still be struggling with, whether that's Git workflow, basic HTML concepts or any other material that will be required for tomorrow's independent project.

Great work getting this far! We're glad you're here and want to do everything we can to ensure your success at Epicodus.

Take note: on short weeks, daily expectations change, and you may cover more or less content on a given class day.

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