Exercise Tuesday

Goal: Practice using all the major features of Markdown such as headings, bolding and italicizing text, and making lists.

Warm Up

Discuss the following with your partner:

  • Why might we want to use Markdown?
  • How can we make headings in Markdown?
  • What is the extension for a Markdown file?


  • Go to StackEdit, delete all of the text from box on the left, and then recreate the cookie recipe page in Markdown. Your results should be visible on the right. DO NOT copy and paste from the text of the lesson. The best way to learn this is to do it yourself!
  • Create a new project folder on your desktop and write a blog post about your day/your favorite food/favorite vacation destination, etc. Save the file with .md as the extension on it and make sure to track the file with git. Go to Daring Fireball and choose a couple formatting elements that we didn't teach you in the lesson and use them in your blog post. You can preview your Markdown file in Visual Studio Code using command-shift-v. Remember to make commits and push your files up to GitHub!

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Last updated November 22, 2022