Exercise Thursday

Goal: Begin exploring Bootstrap by creating an HTML page that integrates multiple Bootstrap elements into its styles.

Warm Up

  • What setup needs to occur in order to use Bootstrap elements in a project?
  • How do we add a Bootstrap component into our own project?


Vacation Site

Make a new webpage about a place you'd like to go on vacation using Bootstrap.

  • Include a container to pad all content.
  • Use a Jumbotron to hold a title and an introductory sentence or slogan.
  • Include a section with blockquotes to contain what previous visitors to this area have said.
  • Use additional built-in classes to add color that emphasizes certain areas of the page.

We'll keep building this project for the next few lessons. Also, don't forget to create a Git repository, make commits regularly and push those commits to a remote repository on GitHub.

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Last updated November 22, 2022