Exercise Tuesday

Goal: Continue developing good indentation and spacing habits while simultaneously exploring the anatomy of a basic website, and practicing cloning Git repositories. These skills will be used nonstop during your time at Epicodus.

Warm Up

Discuss the following with your partner:

  • Why is indentation and spacing important? What benefit is there to ensuring it's consistent?
  • When do we indent?
  • How many spaces should make up one indent?


Now it’s time to practice using Git clone and fixing indentation and spacing. There is a link to a cookie repository right here on GitHub that contains an HTML file with terrible indentation, spacing and HTML tag placement. It really needs your help.

  1. Use git clone to clone the repository onto your desktop. (Be sure you have changed into the desktop directory (cd ~/Desktop) before cloning the repository, so that you do not accidentally clone the cookie repository inside of an existing project folder.)
  2. Set up a new remote repository on your own GitHub for this project and link it to your local project folder.
  3. Go through the HTML file and fix every tag placement error and commit.
  4. Next, fix all spacing errors in the HTML and commit.
  5. Then fix every indentation error in the HTML file and commit. help.epicodus.com/)).
  6. Finally, push changes to the remote you created in your own GitHub account.

Today (and always!), focus on making sure that all of your code is properly indented and spaced and your HTML tags are properly placed around the content they contain.