Lesson Wednesday

As discussed in the previous lesson, you were asked to keep a journal while going through the program. Each weekend you'll receive a brief journal assignment in addition to your coding homework. (If any of this sounds unfamiliar, or if you'd like a refresher, review the Journaling at Epicodus lesson now.)

In future weeks we'll complete journal prompts over the weekend and discuss them with a partner in the beginning of the week. However, this first week we'll write our first responses as tonight's homework and discuss them at the start of the next class session.

Week One Journal Prompt

Spend a few moments thinking critically about the following questions, and record brief yet honest responses. Remember to include a date or timestamp and a brief summary of the prompt to refer back to later.

  • Why did you make the decision to enroll in a coding bootcamp? What are you aiming to achieve by completing 27 weeks of technical training?

  • Do you already have specific goals for yourself in mind? If not, can you think of any now?


After both you and your partner have completed your response, spend a few minutes discussing what you recorded.

  • Are your goals and reasons for enrolling similar? Dissimilar? How and why?

  • You're both about to start a long journey together! Get to know each other a little.

Aim to spend no more than 15 or so minutes writing and discussing this prompt. Afterwards, advance to the next lesson where you'll learn important fundamentals you'll use every day for the next 20 weeks and beyond!

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Last updated July 29, 2021