1. Weekend Git, HTML, and CSS Objectives
  2. Monday Journaling at Epicodus
  3. Monday Practice: Git Project Setup
  4. Monday Week One Journal Prompt
  5. Monday Practice: Tracking Changes with Git
  6. Monday Practice: GitHub Remote Repositories
  7. Monday Practice: Command Line Git
  8. Monday Markdown
  9. Monday Practice: Markdown
  10. Monday Hypertext Markup Language (HTML)
  11. Monday HTML Indentation and Spacing
  12. Monday Practice: Indentation and Spacing
  13. Monday HTML Block Elements
  14. Monday HTML Block Elements Part 2
  15. Monday Practice: Block Elements
  16. Monday HTML Inline Elements
  17. Monday Practice: Inline Elements
  18. Monday Homework: Writing a README
  19. Monday Homework: Introduction to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Curriculum
  20. Tuesday Practice: READMEs
  21. Tuesday Commit Trailers and Github Contributions
  22. Tuesday CSS: Styling Text
  23. Tuesday Debugging HTML and CSS
  24. Tuesday Practice: Styling Text
  25. Tuesday GitHub Pages
  26. Tuesday Practice: GitHub Pages
  27. Tuesday Git Branching
  28. Tuesday Git Merging
  29. Tuesday Practice: Branching and Merging
  30. Wednesday Styling with Classes
  31. Wednesday Practice: Styling with Classes
  32. Wednesday Divs and Spans
  33. Wednesday Practice: Divs and Spans
  34. Wednesday Using Floats
  35. Wednesday Practice: Using Floats
  36. Wednesday Box Model
  37. Wednesday Practice: Box Model
  38. Wednesday Centering Elements and Images
  39. Wednesday Cascading
  40. Wednesday Practice: Cascading
  41. Wednesday Classes and Ids
  42. Wednesday Media Queries and Responsive Design
  43. Wednesday Practice: Media Queries and Responsive Design
  44. Thursday Practice: CSS Diner
  45. Thursday Introduction to Bootstrap
  46. Thursday Downloading and Installing Bootstrap
  47. Thursday Bootstrap Basic Elements
  48. Thursday Practice: Installing and Implementing Bootstrap
  49. Thursday Bootstrap Grid System
  50. Thursday Customizing Styles with Bootstrap
  51. Thursday VS Code with HTML
  52. Thursday Practice: Grid System, Custom Styles, and More
  53. Thursday Bootstrap: Navigating Documentation
  54. Thursday Practice: Recreate a Site with Bootstrap
  55. Friday Git, HTML, and CSS Independent Project