1. Monday Dev Team Scrum and Finding a Pair
  2. Monday Intro to Pair Programming
  3. Monday How to Screen Share in Discord
  4. Monday Git, HTML & CSS Objectives
  5. Monday The Terminal and the Command Line
  6. Monday VS Code Live Share
  7. Monday HyperText Markup Lanuage (HTML)
  8. Monday VS Code Live Server
  9. Monday HTML Elements
  10. Monday HTML Indentation and Format Part 1
  11. Monday HTML Indentation and Format Part 2
  12. Monday Our Formatting Standards at Epicodus
  13. Monday HTML Inline Elements and Attributes: <strong>, <em>, <img>, <a>, and More
  14. Monday Practice: Inline Elements
  15. Monday Homework: Social Identities
  16. Tuesday Tuesday Schedule and Expectations
  17. Tuesday Git
  18. Tuesday Practice: Git Commands
  19. Tuesday GitHub and Remote Repositories
  20. Tuesday Using Git in Your Workflow
  21. Tuesday CSS: Styling Text and Best Practices
  22. Tuesday Debugging HTML and CSS
  23. Tuesday Practice: Styling Text
  24. Tuesday Git Branching
  25. Tuesday Git Merging
  26. Tuesday Practice: Branching and Merging
  27. Tuesday Markdown
  28. Tuesday Writing a README
  29. Tuesday Practice: Markdown by writing READMEs
  30. Tuesday GitHub Pages
  31. Tuesday Practice: GitHub Pages
  32. Tuesday Homework: Journaling at Epicodus
  33. Tuesday Homework: Journal #1
  34. Wednesday Wednesday Schedule and Expectations
  35. Wednesday Journal #1 Discussion
  36. Wednesday Styling with Classes and Ids
  37. Wednesday Practice: Styling with Classes and Ids
  38. Wednesday HTML Divs and Spans, and CSS Sizing Units
  39. Wednesday Practice: HTML Divs and Spans, and CSS Sizing Units
  40. Wednesday Using Floats
  41. Wednesday Practice: Using Floats
  42. Wednesday Box Model
  43. Wednesday Practice: Box Model
  44. Wednesday Centering Elements and Images
  45. Wednesday Researching Online and Helpful Resources
  46. Wednesday Homework: Preparing for Your First Code Review
  47. Wednesday Homework: Git Expectations for Independent Projects
  48. Thursday Thursday Schedule and Expectations
  49. Thursday Weekend Homework and Preparing for the Next Section
  50. Thursday Cascading
  51. Thursday Practice: Cascading
  52. Thursday Video Recap: Core CSS Concepts and Debugging
  53. Thursday CSS Media Queries and Responsive Design
  54. Thursday Practice: CSS Media Queries and Responsive Design
  55. Thursday Introduction to Bootstrap and Front-End Frameworks
  56. Thursday Downloading and Installing Bootstrap
  57. Thursday Bootstrap Basic Elements
  58. Thursday Bootstrap: Navigating Documentation
  59. Thursday Optional Practice: Recreate a Site with Bootstrap
  60. Thursday Optional: VS Code with HTML
  61. Friday Git, HTML, and CSS Independent Project