Lesson Weekend

When working remotely, we have a set schedule. While it may vary from day to day or class to class, most days it will look like the following.


Join the standup channel in the Discord server for your class. You may discussing pairing with other students during this time but you must remain in the standup channel. Your teacher will share the link for the video standup in this channel.


Morning standup begins. We expect every student to be present in the video standup link at 8:15. Standup often includes important announcements and instructions as well as discussion about key concepts, so it's important to attend.

8:30 - 12:00

After standup, pair up (if you haven't already) and spend the morning coding with your pair via VSCode.

12:00 - 1:00

Break for lunch. Get away from your computer, eat some food, rest your eyes, and go outside if the weather permits.

1:30 - 4:30

Continue working with your pair.


We'll end the day with a final standup. You will also receive a link to a Google form where you will submit the code you worked on that day.

Friday Independent Projects

On Fridays, you will work on independent projects that cover that week's lessons. This weekly project is required of all students and will be reviewed by instructors.

Students must submit their code review projects before Friday at 5pm.

For more details on code reviews: see here.

Friday Surveys

Every Friday, you'll be prompted to complete a survey about how the week went on the same Epicenter webpage you turn your Independent Project into. At Epicodus, we value student feedback and ask you to share your insight before leaving for the day. The survey is designed to take just a few minutes Sharing what's great and what could be better will help shape your experience at Epicodus as well as help us determine what to keep doing and what to do better. We thank you for letting us know your thoughts.