Lesson Weekend

Each day at Epicodus, we will follow the schedule detailed below:

Monday - Thursday

8:00 — Arrive at Epicodus, find a partner for the day

  • Choose a machine by cohort and sign in
  • Review the pair partnering questions together
  • Review the warm up questions or activity

8:30 — Standup

8:40 — Code

12:00 — Lunch (Guest Speaker on Wednesdays)

1:00 — Pair debrief

1:10 — Code!

4:15 — Final commits and peer code review (4:00 on Thursdays to give time for surveys)

5:00 — Sign out for the day

Evening — Complete any homework lessons


8:00 - 5:00 — Independent Project


In week 1, students will be randomly assigned partners. After the first week, pairing suggestions will be made based on the results of the code review. The goal is to partner with another person who has a similar learning level and style. Your pair partners and teachers are great resources for pairing recommendations. We encourage you to pair with as many different people as you can before the end of the course.

Pair Check In

Before the day begins, spend a few minutes checking in with your partner to understand their learning and working styles. Use the pop up questions in the morning for help guiding the conversation:

  • How are you feeling about the content from the most recent lessons?
  • How long do you like to work on a challenge before asking classmates or an instructor?
  • Do you like to follow the course material closely or experiment with related concepts?
  • What's your biggest challenge with pairing?

Warm Up

For many exercises, there is a warm up section that covers concepts, terms and related resources for the week's objectives. Review this section with each other to warm up for the day's exercise and practice talking tech with confidence.

Stand Up

Attending a stand up to start the day is a common practice in the tech industry. It gives the community an opportunity to look each other in the eyes and share details about their work and the day to come.


Follow the exercise instructions for the day and code, code, code!


Take one hour for lunch. Relax. Reflect. Get to know one another. These are your people.

Every Wednesday lunch, a speaker will join us from the local tech industry discussing a topic relevant to what you are learning. Class will break for lunch 15 minutes early to allow everyone to get lunch before the talk begins.

After Lunch

Before diving back into coding, take a moment to debrief with your partner. This is an opportunity to be an even better team for the rest of the day. More than just learning to code, learning to navigate coding together is another area that is well worth practicing every day.

  • How is today going so far?
  • Am I sharing the keyboard/mouse enough?
  • How am I at communicating my ideas to you?
  • How could I be a better partner for the rest of the day?

Peer Code Reviews

Monday through Thursday, the day will end with a peer code review. Programming does not happen in a vacuum. It requires collaboration and communication. By reviewing the code of a peer, you are able to see alternative solutions to the same problems that you were tackling. You will also experience what it feels like to walk into a code base that you have not contributed to before - a reality that will most assuredly be a regular occurrence outside of Epicodus.

Learning how to analyze others' code and offer recommendations helps make it the best that it can be. After working on any code for a length of time, it is difficult to review it objectively. By offering to be a second set of eyes, you offer an objectivity and perspective to another developer that would otherwise be unavailable.

Friday Independent Projects

Start the week by reviewing the learning objectives. As you complete lessons and exercises each day, you will be working toward mastery of these objectives. At the end of the week, you will have the opportunity to demonstrate your coding skills and understanding through the completion of the week's code review project. This weekly project is required of all students and will be reviewed with teachers at weekly check-ins.

Students must submit their code review projects before Friday at 5pm.

For more details on code reviews: see here.

Friday Surveys

Every Friday, you'll be prompted to complete a survey about how the week went on the same Epicenter webpage you turn your Independent Project into. At Epicodus, we value student feedback and ask you to share your insight before leaving for the day. The survey is designed to take just a few minutes Sharing what's great and what could be better will help shape your experience at Epicodus as well as help us determine what to keep doing and what to do better. We thank you for letting us know your thoughts.