1. Weekend Arrays and Looping Objectives
  2. Weekend Additional Pair Programming Tips
  3. Weekend The Basics of Prototypes
  4. Weekend Static versus Instance with Built-In JS Objects
  5. Weekend Introduction to Arrays
  6. Weekend Bracket Notation
  7. Weekend Array Methods
  8. Weekend Comparing and Cloning Arrays
  9. Weekend Document Query Methods that Return Collections
  10. Weekend Adding and Removing HTML Elements
  11. Weekend Introduction to Looping
  12. Weekend forEach Loops
  13. Weekend Debugging in JavaScript: Using a linter
  14. Weekend Mentorship Lunch Talk
  15. Weekend Journal #3
  16. Tuesday Journal #3 Discussion
  17. Tuesday Practice: Adding and Removing HTML Elements
  18. Tuesday Practice: JavaScript Arrays
  19. Tuesday Practice: Looping
  20. Tuesday Gathering Data with Checkboxes
  21. Tuesday Practice: forEach loops
  22. Tuesday Building a Text Analyzer
  23. Tuesday Overview of Test-Driven Development (TDD) with Text Analyzer
  24. Tuesday Text Analyzer with TDD: wordCounter()
  25. Tuesday Text Analyzer with TDD: numberOfOccurrencesInText()
  26. Tuesday Homework: Equality Versus Equity
  27. Wednesday Practice: Extending Text Analyzer Business Logic with TDD
  28. Wednesday Separation of Logic: Adding a UI to Text Analyzer
  29. Wednesday Separation of Logic: Fixing a Bug in Text Analyzer
  30. Wednesday Separation of Concerns in Text Analyzer: boldPassage() UI Function
  31. Wednesday DRYing Code and Completing the Text Analyzer UI
  32. Wednesday Practice: Using TDD with Text Analyzer
  33. Wednesday Rewriting Git History with Rebase
  34. Wednesday Practice: Rewriting Git History with Rebase
  35. Wednesday Printing an Array to a Webpage
  36. Thursday Looping with for
  37. Thursday Practice: Looping with for
  38. Thursday When to use for
  39. Thursday for Loops with Text Analyzer
  40. Thursday Practice: Pig Latin
  41. Thursday Optional: Array Mapping
  42. Thursday Optional Practice: Array Mapping
  43. Thursday Further Exploration: Looping with for...of
  44. Thursday Further Exploration: While Loops
  45. Thursday Further Exploration: Introduction to Regular Expressions
  46. Thursday Further Exploration: Regular Expressions with Text Analyzer
  47. Thursday Optional Review: Which Loop Should I Use?
  48. Friday Arrays and Looping Independent Project