Exercise Tuesday

Goal: In the "Accessing Window Properties" lesson, we learned:

  • The window object has properties with different values: primitives, objects, or methods. We can explore these in the DevTools console and we can use JavaScript to manipulate that data.
  • We use dot notation to access window properties, like window.innerHeight or window.open().
  • When a window property itself is an object with properties, we can chain dot notation to access the nested object's property. A good example of this is window.location.href, where we're accessing the window object's property called location, and then we're accessing the location object's property called href.

Begin familiarizing yourself with the window object by completing the following exercises in the DevTools console.

Warm Up

  • What does the window object represent? What sort of information can we get from it?
  • What is a property?
  • What is dot notation and how do we use it?
  • What are Web APIs? What is an API?


Accessing window Properties

Access the window object to find the following information:

  • Find the value of the innerHeight of the window.
  • Find the href of the webpage you are currently on.
  • Access the window.screen property in your console, and expand the object so that you can see the properties. Then, access the height property of the screen object. Turn the height property into a string.

Access the window object to call the following methods:

  • Find the value of the innerWidth of the window.
  • Search for the window.scrollTo() method on MDN. Read the description and the examples, and try using it in the DevTools console.
  • Call on the method in window.location that reloads the page you are on. If you can't remember the name of the method, review the lesson "Accessing Window Properties" or try researching on MDN.