1. Sunday Accessing the DOM
  2. Sunday Practice: Accessing the DOM
  3. Sunday JavaScript's Global Object
  4. Sunday Accessing HTML Element Attributes and Properties in the DOM
  5. Sunday Understanding Web APIs: Interfaces (Object Types) and Inheritance
  6. Sunday Practice: Accessing HTML Element Attributes and Properties in the DOM
  7. Sunday Function Expressions
  8. Sunday Event Handling with Event Handler Properties
  9. Sunday Event Handler Properties in a Project: Using window.onload
  10. Sunday Practice: Event Handling with Event Handler Properties
  11. Sunday Forms, Hiding and Showing Elements, and the Event Object
  12. Sunday Other Ways to Organize UI Logic
  13. Sunday Debugging in JavaScript: Using console.log()
  14. Sunday Practice: Forms
  15. Sunday Homework: Practical Tips for Researching Web APIs
  16. Monday Branching
  17. Monday Practice: Branching
  18. Monday More Branching and Error Handling
  19. Monday Practice: More Branching
  20. Monday Homework: Event Handling with Event Listeners
  21. Monday Homework: Using Function Declarations in Event Handling
  22. Monday Homework: Removing Event Listeners
  23. Tuesday Practice: Event Listeners
  24. Tuesday Form Input Types
  25. Tuesday Calculator with Forms and Branching
  26. Tuesday Practice: Calculator and More
  27. Tuesday Homework: Understanding Web APIs: Event Handling
  28. Tuesday Homework: Function Scope Versus Block Scope
  29. Wednesday Debugging in JavaScript: Pausing on Exceptions
  30. Wednesday Debugging in JavaScript: Using debugger and Breakpoints
  31. Wednesday Practice: Triangle Tracker
  32. Thursday JavaScript and Web Browsers Independent Project