Lesson Wednesday

Welcome to your third day of Epicodus! Today's schedule is fairly similar to yesterday.


Once again, times are approximate.

6:00 – 6:30 pm: Cohort Scrum with your Instructor

We'll start class with a Cohort Scrum meeting, with your instructor and your cohort. This is the usual Scrum that you'll take part in every class session for the rest of the program, and we'll meet using the same Google Meet link.

Cohort Scrum is a time for your instructor(s) to make announcements, cover certain topics from the curriculum, and for you to ask questions. These Scrums can vary in length depending on what needs to be discussed. If you are having any problems accessing the meeting, reach out to an instructor.

After today, Cohort Scrums on weekdays will start at 6:15 pm and will be a shorter length — about 15 to 20 minutes. We have a limited amount of time during weekday classes so we'll keep meetings short to have more time for hands-on coding.

6:30 pm: Join Dev Team

After Cohort Scrum, you'll join your dev team. You'll have the same dev team for the entire course section. If you are having any issues with members of your dev team, please reach out to an instructor.

After today, you will start every class session with your Dev Team Scrum meeting. On Sundays, Dev Team Scrum starts at 9:00 am, and on weekdays, Dev Team Scrum starts at 6:00 pm.

6:30 – 6:55 pm: Dev Team Scrum

Except on the very first week of class, you'll start everyday with a meeting with your dev team. We call this meeting "Dev Team Scrum".

The first thing you should do during your Dev Team Scrum is sign in to the Epicodus attendance system. You should also remind your fellow dev team members to do this as well so that no one forgets!

Next, make sure that everyone is present for the Dev Team Scrum:

  • If you are an online student, this includes conducting a connectivity debugging session. Is everyone able to access the voice channel in Discord? If not, take a few minutes to make sure everyone is taking part. Remember, if you have recurring issues, reach out to an instructor. When everyone is connected, you can start your brief group check-in.
  • If you are studying in person, take the time to make sure that everyone who is in your dev team and present for class is together before start your brief group check-in.

As a reminder, Dev Team Scrum includes a brief group check-in to talk about anything that came up during the last class session — such as things you've learned or things that you find exciting or frustrating. This is also a great time to ask each other questions about any content that you might find confusing. As covered in the lesson about working with a dev team, in about 15 minutes, each student in the dev team should answer these 3 questions:

  • What did you work on in the last class session or over the weekend?
  • What are you working on today?
  • What blocks do you have? What is standing in your way?

Once everyone has had a chance to speak, the next step is to find a pair from within your Dev Team and then begin pair programming. If there is an odd number of people in your dev team, there will be one group of three.

6:55 – 8:40 pm: Pair Programming

8:40 – 9:00 pm: End of Day Cohort Scrum

We'll meet briefly before the end of class to talk about how the day went.

Third Day Expectations

We'll be covering the following key coding concepts today. These concepts will all be required for this section's independent project. Just like yesterday, these are concepts you'll be using throughout the program. Don't worry if all these concepts aren't clear by the end of today — you'll be practicing them over and over not just this week but throughout your time at Epicodus.

The following are brand-new concepts that you'll get lots of opportunity to practice further:

  • HTML
  • HTML indentation and spacing
  • HTML block elements
  • HTML inline elements

You will need to be able to use all of the above concepts for this course section's independent project — and for future independent projects as well. Independent project prompts are released on Thursday at the end of the course section and due the following Sunday.

You'll also have two homework assignments. The first assignment is to read a DEI lesson about social identities. You'll also have the opportunity to write a reflection about this DEI lesson.

The second assignment includes two lessons on Journaling at Epicodus. You are not required to keep a journal while at Epicodus but we recommend keeping one as a tool for reflection and to see your progress throughout the program. In future weeks, the journal prompt will be in the weekend homework. You'll then have an opportunity to discuss the journal prompt with your pair on Sunday morning.

Take note: on short weeks, daily expectations change, and you may cover more or less content on a given class day.