Exercise Tuesday

Goal: Here at Epicodus, we use the command line, Git and Github on a daily basis. The goal for this exercise is to practice the workflow you'll use daily.

Warm Up

Discuss the following with your partner:

  • What are the steps to make a Git commit?
  • What is the significance of the word 'main' in the command $ git push al main?
  • What is the difference between the local .git repository, and the repository created on Github?
  • How are the local .git repository, and the repository created on Github 'connected'?


Goodbye World

Begin practicing the command line, Git commands and GitHub set up by building a "Goodbye World" web page that you push to a repository on GitHub. The steps you need to complete are below. You will need to use the previous lessons as reference for the correct syntax and commands to complete them.

  1. Create a new project directory in the Desktop directory called goodbye.
  2. Initialize a Git repository to start tracking your changes.
  3. Assign the pair initials who will be authoring the code. (Skip this step if you are working solo.)
  4. Create an HTML file called goodbye.html.
  5. Open your project directory in your text editor.
  6. Add this HTML code to your goodbye.html file:
<h1> Goodbye </h1>
<h2> A program to bid our friends farewell all over the world. </h2>

  <li> English: Goodbye, friends! </li>
  <li> Spanish:  Adios, amigos! </li>
  1. Save the file and look at it in your browser.
  2. Check the status of the changes that Git is watching.
  3. Add the HTML file for tracking.
  4. Commit your changes.
  5. Add a few more lines of goodbyes to your HTML file (copy an existing line and write over the text leaving the <li> and </li> at the beginning and end of the lines).
  6. Save the file and commit your changes.
  7. Create a GitHub repository.
  8. Push your changes to GitHub.