Exercise Sunday

Goal: Now that you have spent some time learning about branching and merging, let’s practice! The goal of this exercise is to work on branching and merging along with your new CSS skills.

Warm Up

  • What is the benefit of branching?
  • How do we create a new branch of a project?
  • Why would we want to merge back into the main branch?


Resort Website

You are hired by an investor to create a website for a private island resort that they are building.

Your website should have:

  • A main home page
  • Pages for:
    • accommodations
    • activities
    • travel arrangements
    • pictures, etc.
    • contact information

The investor doesn't know exactly what style they want for the website, so they have asked you to use your best judgement and provide them with at least two options for styling so they can make their decision later.

Make a branch for each style and when you are done, play the part of "investor" and choose which style you prefer. Once you've made your selection, merge that branch into main.

Further Exploration

If you and your partner finish all activities for the day with time to spare, make a website for your favorite restaurant or food cart. Include a page to display the menu, a page with contact information and hours, and a homepage describing the cuisine, or restaurant's history. Add styles using CSS.

Peer Code Review

  • Has a custom CSS stylesheet been included?
  • Is the indentation and spacing of HTML and CSS accurate?
  • Have commits been made regularly with clear messages that finish the phrase "It will…"?
  • What worked well? What advice to do you have for the other pair?