Exercise Monday

Goal: The goal for today is to practice creating objects using constructors and prototypes. Practice adding properties and methods to objects and calling out those properties and methods in your webpage.

Warm up

  • What is the difference between a Constructor and Prototype?
  • When would you use a Constructor, and when would you use a Prototype?
  • What functionality do they offer?


Movie Tickets

Create a webpage where a user can select the name of a movie, the time of day that they would like to see the movie and their age. The webpage should let them know how much their movie ticket will cost, based on those three factors. Consider that non-"first-release" movies, matinee and senior tickets tend to be cheaper than the regular priced ticket.

Your constructor and prototype could be called Ticket and you can come up with the formula for determining how the price is calculated depending on the input from the user.

Bank Account

Use constructor functions and prototypes to create a webpage where a user can create a single bank account with an initial deposit amount. Then allow the user to make a withdrawals, deposits and see the balance of the account.

Remember to create a BankAccount constructor and a prototype that includes methods for deposit and withdrawal and any other properties needed. Here is a wireframe to help you visualize the app:

A mock up of the bank account webpage

Peer Code Review

  • Does the web app work as expected?
  • Is business logic and user interface logic kept separate?
  • Were constructors and prototypes used to create new objects?