Lesson Weekend

In the last week of this course, we will be working on cumulative projects in larger groups of 4. In preparation, we'll take the coming week to generate ideas and sign up for teams.

Your Homework

Generate an idea you would like to develop into a working application. It could be a game, a new business idea, something educational, something fun, something to help others, an app that would be useful to you and your group or something to change the world!

Past Student Projects

In the past, Intro to Programming students have completed projects such as...

  • Roadtrip camping sites
  • Amber alert for bikes
  • Musician jam session connection (matching musicians with musicians for jam sessions)
  • Vacation checklist (going camping, relatives, holiday, beach, etc)
  • Food tracker
  • Joke/meme/quote collector
  • Card games (Texas Hold 'Em, Magic)
  • Board games (Chess, Monopoly)
  • Text-based adventure game
  • RPG adventure
  • Typing speed game
  • Mortgage re-calculator
  • Tamagotchi or "Pocket pet" application

Monday: Ideas!

On Monday, write your idea on your class's designated whiteboard including:

  • Short description of project
  • Your name
  • What tools, languages, etc. you plan on using to complete this project
  • Any additional information that might be helpful for your classmates to decide between projects

Ideas will be added and updated on the board. If you see an idea that inspires you in a language that you are not studying, or from the full-time Intro course, consider adding it to your course's board. It would be great to see how the same idea is realized in more than one language/class!

Wednesday: Project Sign-Up

When you arrive on Wednesday, choose to sign up on your own idea or join the team for another idea about which you are passionate. Use your interest in the proposed application as your guide. Sign up by entering your full name next to an idea. When an idea reaches four team members, it is full and cannot have any additional members.

Team Confirmation

Before the following class on Monday, teachers will confirm that all teams have 4 team members and can work in 2 pairs on their idea the following week.