Exercise Friday


Vacation Suggester

Create a webpage (using HTML, CSS, JavaScript and jQuery) where a user can answer questions about themselves and be given a vacation destination based on their answers.

  • Include a minimum of 5 survey questions.
  • Offer a minimum of 3 vacation destination suggestions.
  • Don't forget your Git commits AND README.

Note: You are not required to take every possible combination of answers into account. Feel free to use very simple logic, or even ignore the user's responses for some questions.

Further Exploration

If you finish the objectives with time to spare, consider adding additional features, such as:

  • Ask the user for their name and address them directly in all of the responses to them: "Enrique, you ought to set sail for South Africa!".
  • Make questions multiple choice (like a, b, or c); determine which destination is right for a user by identifying the letter that was most frequently selected; for example, "you chose mostly a's, you should book a flight to the Bahamas!".
  • Use fade in/out or slide in/out jQuery Effects throughout your project.


Your code will be reviewed for the following objectives:

  • All previous standards (last review's objectives) are in place (see below).
  • Site uses branching to return destination.
  • jQuery is used to show and hide destination after questions are answered and submitted.
  • Form gathers input from the user.
  • Variable names are descriptive of what they represent.
  • Web page is styled using Bootstrap and custom CSS.

Last Week's Objectives

  • Code has proper indentation and spacing.
  • Commits are made regularly with clear messages that finish the phrase "It will…".
  • Project README that includes:
    • author name
    • program name
    • description
    • copyright and license information
    • link to project on GitHub Pages


Submit your code for review to the JavaScript and jQuery code review on Epicenter by 12 pm on Saturday.

Visit the Independent Projects and Code Reviews page for details on how to submit your code, how feedback works and course completion requirements.