Exercise Weekend


Portfolio Landing Page

Create a webpage using HTML and CSS to be the landing page for your web programming portfolio. Review the objectives below.

Requirements for your page:

  • Your name
  • An image of you or something that represents who you are
  • A list of projects you have created with active links to them (either on GitHub or GitHub pages)
    • For each, include a brief description of the project and what languages it uses
  • An “About Me” section
    • Include your background (education, job experience, or why did you decide to take a class on programming, etc)
    • Your current interests/hobbies/skills
  • Create a gh-pages branch so that you site can be viewed on GitHub Pages at your-username.github.io/portfolio (for example).

Don't forget your Git commits and include a README in your GitHub repository!


Below are the objectives the instructor will use to review your code with you next week:

  • The following HTML tags are all used:
    • p, h, ul, ol, li, em, strong, a, img, div, span
  • Bootstrap classes are used to style the page.
  • Project includes a custom-made stylesheet that uses cascading, the box model, and floats.
  • Indentation and spacing of HTML and CSS is accurate.
  • Commits are made regularly with clear messages that finish the phrase "It will…"
  • The project repo contains a README that includes:
    • author name
    • project or program name
    • description of program
    • program setup instructions
    • link to site on GitHub Pages
    • copyright and license information
  • Site is successfully deployed to GitHub pages.
  • Project is in a polished, portfolio-quality state.


Submit your code for review to the Git, HTML and CSS code review on Epicenter by the deadline discussed in class.

Visit Code Review Requirements for details on how to submit your code, how feedback works and course completion requirements.