Lesson Wednesday

Welcome to your second day of Epicodus! Hopefully your first day went well - but it's also completely normal if you had to deal with frustrations such as connectivity issues, figuring out how to work with a pair, finding your dev team, and coding issues that may have come up throughout the day. Fortunately, we'll be building on the concepts we covered on Monday.

Here is today's schedule and expectations.


Once again, times are approximate.

6:00-6:30 pm: Standup

We'll meet using the same Google Meet link as yesterday.

6:30 pm: Join Dev Team

After standup, you'll join your dev team. You'll have the same dev team all week. If you are having any issues with members of your dev team, please reach out to an instructor.

6:30-6:45 pm: Dev Team Standup Connectivity Debugging Session

Once again, we'll start with a connectivity debugging session. Is everyone able to access the video standup in Discord? If not, take a few minutes to make sure everyone is taking part. If this was a rough process yesterday, hopefully it will be smoother today. However, if you have recurring issues, we recommend reaching out to an instructor.

6:45-7:00 pm: Dev Team Standup

Today there won't be any icebreakers. Instead you'll talk about anything that came up on Monday - such as things you've learned or things that you find exciting or frustrating. This is also a great time to ask each other questions about any content that you might find confusing.

7:00-8:40 pm: Pair Programming

8:40-9:00 pm: End of Day Standup

We'll meet briefly before the end of class to talk about how the day went.

Second Day Expectations

We'll be covering the following key coding concepts today. These concepts will all be required for this section's independent project. Indeed, they are concepts you'll be using throughout the program. Don't worry if all these concepts aren't clear by the end of the week - you'll be practicing them over and over not just this week but throughout your time at Epicodus.

We cover the following concepts in the prework - and practice them more next class session:

  • Setting up Git in a project
  • Tracking changes with Git
  • Using Git in the command line

You will need to be able to use all of the above concepts for independent code review at the end of Week 3 - and for future independent code reviews as well.

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